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Title- 流れ星 ~{Nagareboshi, Shooting Star}~
Pairing- Sho/Aiba
Rating- PG
Genre- Angst
Word Length- 1069
Disclaimer- Totally fictional :)
Summary- Aiba had been oddly silent lately. It had been some time since any of them had seen him smile naturally, unforced for the camera.
Note- Based off the song 涙の流れ星 (Namida no Nagareboshi). I listened to it today and finished this in about an hour and a half. A short fic for a short song.

The wind was blowing lightly, the air cool, the sky dark and speckled with dots of stars. Sho stared up at them blankly, the lights coming in and out of focus. Every so often he would peer over at Aiba, sitting next to him, his knees pulled up, face hidden behind crossed arms. Sho would sigh and turn his eyes back up to the sky.

Aiba had been oddly silent lately. It had been some time since any of them had seen him smile naturally, unforced for the camera. As soon as the cameras were turned off of him, a deep from would form on his face and his eyes would look at the floor. While in dressing rooms, while the other members goofed off and messed around with each other, Aiba would sit on a sofa or chair by himself in a corner, headphones in his ears at times, staring off at something Sho couldn’t pinpoint. The others seemed to ignore it, and at first Sho did too, thinking Aiba was just having a bad few days. But those days turned into weeks, and it had been two months already since Aiba stopped being happy.

Sho and Aiba sat together, on a hill in the outskirts of Tokyo, as far from the city as they could get, away from the harsh, never ending lights that clogged the sky. Sho had brought him there, against his will, if Aiba had much resistance at all. When Sho was leading him to that spot, he held onto Aiba’s wrist, his hand laying limp in his grasp, his head down the entire way. Sho’s heart hurt so much to see Aiba so down. It wasn’t like him at all.

They sat in silence. Sho asked a few questions, trying to figure out what the matter was, what had Aiba so down. But Aiba refused to speak, and instead shook his head. There was no getting through to him, to the inside of Aiba, into his thoughts. He was totally closed off, something that send a chill down Sho’s spine. What could have happened in Aiba’s life that affected him so badly? So badly, that he wouldn’t even talk about it to the ones closest to him?

Sho breathed in deep, looking at the stars. “Aiba, look.” Sho’s voice sounded foreign to him. Aiba sat still, his head still deep in his arms. “Please, look up. At the sky.” Slowly, Aiba raised his head, only enough for his eyes to peer out over his arms. Even in the dark, Sho could see his eyes were red and wet. “The stars are beautiful, aren’t they? You see them, right?” Aiba remained silent, but didn’t hide again. “They’re always there, no matter what. They’re always watching us, aren’t they? Always there for us.

“Listen, do you hear it?” Aiba tilted his head to the side slightly, as though he was trying hard to listen. “They’re there, saying ‘I’m here’, but they’re quiet. They’ll never interrupt you. They’ll always be there to listen to you when no one else is, or if no one else can hear you. If you can’t talk to us…to me…you can always talk to them. That’s what they’re saying.”

Sho watched as a tear formed on Aiba’s eyes, falling down his cheek, leaving a trail behind for others to follow. “I don’t know what to do anymore…” Aiba admitted, leaning his head back down on his arm as loud sobs were forced out. Sho’s heart broke for his friend, as he finally let out what he had been holding in. He couldn’t have let himself cry until now. He couldn’t breathe properly, inhaling sharply and hardly letting it back out. His voice broke as his cries became louder, his fingers gripped his arm so hard his knuckles were turning white. It was like he was being torn in two, his screams as gut-wrenching as seeing someone you love being brutally taken away, hurt, torn and bloody.

Sho wrapped his arms around Aiba’s shoulders, trying to absorb his distress. If only he could take some of that pain away and give him some refuse. He felt Aiba’s hands on his back, clinging to his shirt as he let the waves of emotions wash out of him. The shirt he was wearing was becoming damp, but Sho didn’t care. If it would make Aiba feel even an ounce better, Sho would let him do anything. If he could only pick the broken pieces up and put them back together again…

Slowly, the sobbing quieted, Aiba still breathing unevenly, hiccupping slightly. His head rested on Sho’s chest, his body leaning against him. He was exhausted, warm. The hands that were gripping his back still hung on, looser than before. Sho brushed his hands through Aiba’s hair, the other rubbing his back, trying to soothe him.

“Look again, Aiba.” Sho said softly, watching as Aiba’s eyes flickered back to the sky. Orange and pink hues melted and mixed with the deep black of the night sky. Stars on the horizon were fading. “A new day is beginning. The bad memories of yesterday are done with, in the past. We can just focus on today, bringing back your smile.”

Aiba nodded, shifting up, lifting his head. As Sho looked up to meet what Aiba saw, a final shooting star dashed across the sky before the morning sun could make it invisible. It was as though the night was waving good bye. Good bye for now. For the first time in months, a small, slight smile appeared, a shine glistening in Aiba’s eyes, like the shooting star sprinkled a bit of hope down onto Aiba. Slipping a hand into his, Sho said, “Let’s go.” Aiba turned to him and nodded, letting Sho pull him up.

Things are going to start looking up, Sho wanted to say. You will be back to yourself, happy and bright, before you know it. Just that smile he saw from Aiba seemed to force the sun to rise quickly, its bright rays beaming down on them. They walked hand in hand, their shoulders touching. Sho never felt closer to him than he did then, and he wouldn’t trade it for any other feeling in the world. He could walk on like this, just holding Aiba’s hand, the way they are, forever, if that meant he could keep the smile on Aiba’s face.

A/N: It was a moments thought to write this fic, and I'm rather happy with it in the end. I'm surprised I got it out and written, and an Arashi fic no less! Finishing Arashi fics is rare for me, haha. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed reading this, and as always, comments = <3!

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Thank you for reading (^-^)

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kawaii and it's nice ^^'

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Thank you for reading!


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