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Title: The Plan

Pairing: Subaru/Yasu

Rating: PG

Warnings: None

Summary: Yasu starts planning something for Subaru's birthday, but Subaru wants nothing to do with it.

Notes: Just a little fic for these two guys' birthday. It's a bit late, but I was so close to getting it done on time. Anyway, hope it's alright~.

The day was coming. The dreaded day. Subaru could see Yasu and Maru giggling in the corner, throwing glances toward him. He glared back, but it only made them laugh more and huddle together closer. He knew very well what they were planning.

"You two better not be planning a party or anything." Subaru told Yasu later in the evening as they were all leaving.  

Yasu’s face fell. "But why not? They’re fun!  And you always enjoy them anyway."

"You go through all of this trouble, throw this huge thing, and I’d really rather you not do it. I really don't want anything big, you know."

"Oh come on! It’s once a year! And it’s fu-"

"Yasu, don’t plan anything." Subaru hoped his voice sounded as serious as he wanted it to. Yasu leaned in, looking at him as if he was making sure that he was hearing him right.

Yasu sighed. "Okay," he said, dragging the word out. "Fine, I won’t plan anything. But don’t come back to me saying your birthday was a bummer!" Yasu stormed out of the room. Subaru rolled his eyes mumbling to himself that he definitely would not be complaining about it. It would be nice just to have a nice, quiet day at home.



Even though Yasu said nothing would be done for his birthday, Yasu and Maru continued their secret whispering, though they didn’t do it so much in the open any more. Subaru would more or less walk in on their meetings and they would suddenly shut up, Yasu smiling at him  and receiving what he hoped was a menacing glare back at both of them.

Of course, he appreciated them wanting to put forth such effort for him, but whatever they were cooking up wasn’t welcome, and he thought he had made it plainly clear. Yasu should have passed the information on to Maru, but it seemed to not change anything but make them hide it more, albeit hide it badly.

The 11th came along and Hina had reserved a private room in one of the nice clubs on the outskirts of the city to celebrate Yasu’s birthday. The room was packed with people, as they had to go through the trouble of inviting as many of Yasu’s friends as they could, and he had way too many for the average man.

Yasu relished in this kind of atmosphere. He jumped from one group to another, greeting them, chatting with them, and accepting gifts they’d brought before storing them in a safe place to open later. Quite a nice pile had started stacking up.

Subaru, on the other hand, stuck close to Hina and Yoko, not having many friends in the same circle as the ever-friendly Yasu. While Hina could talk to anyone, Yoko was on a bit of the quiter side, so being between the two of them didn’t make him seem so unsocial.

When the people Hina had been talking to walked away to join some other conversation, he pulled his two friends to the side of the room, well away from Yasu.

"Tell me," he said, "Yasu is still planning something for my birthday, isn’t he?"

Yoko clicked his tongue. "Wow, you’re quite selfish, asking about your own birthday when we’re celebrating Yasu’s. Rude."

"I’m just asking a question! I told him not to do anything, but I can tell he hasn’t stopped!"

"You can’t just let him have his day, can you?" Hina said, looking away. "Besides, if he was planning anything, we wouldn’t tell you anyway." Hina nudged Yoko, saying that he was hungry and for him to follow to the food, leaving him on his own. Subaru stared after his friends, anger starting to boil up in him as it was completely obvious to him that they knew very well that planning was going on and they were in on it. They didn’t deny knowing anything, just called him names and walked away.

Then Yasu came bouncing toward him and draped himself over his shoulders. He smelled strongly of a fruity drink. "This is fun!" Yasu exclaimed. "Isn’t it?"

Subaru wanted to get on Yasu’s case, but Hina was right. This was Yasu’s day and who was he to ruin it by arguing. "Yeah. It's fun."

He fully expected Yasu to say 'See? So you’ll let me throw you a party, right?', but he didn’t. He simply stood there, his head leaning on his back, arms hugging his shoulders. As incredibly nice as this felt, Subaru knew better than to let it continue much longer. He shrugged Yasu off, who had to balance himself as he rubbed his eyes. "You’re not getting tired already? The night’s just started."

"Not at all!" Yasu exclaimed. "You were just so comfy. I was resting my eyes!"

"Sure you were."

Yasu hung on him for a few more minutes before tugging on a chain around his neck. "Look, your gift was the first one I opened!"

He glanced over at the bright yellow chain with highlights of orange with an odd, abstract charm hanging off the chain. "Yeah, I thought it’d fit you."

“I love it!" He said, then smacked a quick kiss on his lips.

Subaru shoved Yasu away as he giggled himself silly. "Get out of here before you do something worse."

Luckily Maru hopped along and stole Yasu away before he could protest. Subaru looked across the room and caught Hina’s eye, who was stifling a laugh. He felt his face heat up incredibly fast and flipped him off.

The party winded down, most of the friends were saying good bye, Okura, Ryo, and Yoko had already left while Hina and Maru stayed behind and started straightening things up. It was well into the night and Subaru was feeling completely exhausted and more than tipsy, though he felt he could function pretty well.

"Why don’t you take him home?" Hina suggested, pointing to a body draped over the side of the couch, passed out. "I already called a cab, so it’ll be here soon. We’ll finish up here."

Subaru hoisted Yasu up, who woke up just enough to hold himself up pretty well, but was still quite out of it. When the cab pulled up, he quickly shoved Yasu into the car and buckled him in as well as he could. Yasu was being floppy and couldn’t hold himself up. It didn’t seem like he was putting much effort into it anyway, as he was giggling every time he fell over onto Subaru. The cab drove on, and he just gave up trying to keep Yasu sitting up and let him keep his head in his lap. Yasu looked up at him, though he wasn’t focused on him.

“Tonight was fun~!” He repeated for the hundredth time that night. Subaru just nodded and grunted, knowing his answer really didn’t mean much to him. After a few more delirious laughs, Yasu grinned, though he could have sworn it was more of a smirk. “I can’t wait until yours!”

He had the urge to throw Yasu off of him but suppressed it. It wouldn’t do any good now anyways. Yasu seemed to have drifted away again.


As the day grew nearer, Subaru didn’t let Yasu know that he knew Yasu wasn’t keeping his promise of no party. Somehow, he lost his resolve to keep it from happening. His birthday fell in the middle of the week, so he assumed Yasu would plan it for that weekend anyhow. There would be a few more days to psych himself up for it all.  

When the 22nd finally arrived, they were scheduled for magazine interviews and photoshoots. They were individual, so their times were a bit scattered to fit their schedules. He arrived at about the same time as Yoko, Ryo, and Ohkura, who all wished him a happy birthday and gave him either a small box or a card. When they weren’t looking, he eyed them suspiciously, but none of them seemed any different than usual.

Yasu and Hina came in just as Ryo got done with his interview and Subaru was about to go in. He was given another round of cheerful birthday greetings and accepted a gift from Hina.

“This better be good and expensive, I expect a lot out of you.” He told Hina, shaking the box next to his ear to get a clue of what it was.  

Hina just called him a rude name before making his way to make up before his shoot. The interviewer called him again and he was about to leave when Yasu tapped him on the shoulder. Subaru turned slowly to look at him, and Yasu was standing there behind him, smiling innocently, tapping the floor with the heel of his shoe.


"You want to come over tonight?" he asked, looking up at him, the unmistakable look of puppy dog eyes, pleading, hoping.

Subaru frowned. So he did plan it for tonight. It took all of his might not to roll his eyes and sigh in exasperation. Yasu was staring so sickeningly sweet at him, and he knew just how much effort Yasu would have put into this whole thing.

"For what?" he asked, simply to humour him, as he wasn't really supposed to know, and it didn't seem Yasu remembered saying anything the night of his birthday.

"We haven't hung out in a while, so I thought it'd be fun to get together!" Yasu paused, searching his face for what his answer might be. Subaru held a straight face and waited a few moments before answering, just long enough to be called again for his turn to be interviewed. Yasu's smile faultered and he suddenly looked unsure. He started to stutter out some pleads, and Subaru decided he'd done enough.


Elated, his smile broke out again and he hastily said to meet him at his place around eight that night as Subaru turned to leave the room. Immediatly he regretted his decision saying yes, but he was sure he would feel the same, if not worse, if he said no. At least he would be abe to go to sleep that night without feeling guilty.


Subaru stood in front of Yasu’s door, staring at it, wondering how angry Yasu would be if he just walked away now and didn’t even join the party. It was quiet at the moment, probably because Yasu had expected him, and it was supposed to be a surprise, he guessed, since Yasu pretended very badly that he wasn’t planning anything. There’s no way Yasu remembered spilling the beans the night of his birthday.

With a heavy sigh, Subaru forced his face out of the grimace he’d been wearing the entire time there. He tried to smile, but his mouth kept twitching back into a frown. He couldn’t even fake it. Oh well, he thought as he grabbed the doorknob and pushed the door open.

The house was completely dark and silent. His eyes searched the room for anyone who was badly hidden, but no one stuck out. It was oddly quiet, even for a surprise party. He kicked off his shoes and went to set them by the many others that must be there, but there were none aside from Yasu’s (who had so many shoes there may as well have been a large party’s worth of people there, but he was sure they all belonged to him). Maybe they had their shoes with them so it didn’t look suspicious?

Subaru walked up out of the genkan and crossed the floor in the direction of the kitchen, where the only light source was. He looked over the furniture of the living room as he passed, and not a person was seen. His heart started racing a bit, not knowing what to expect or when. Peering cautiously into the kitchen, staying hidden behind the wall in case he didn’t like what he saw and needed to make a getaway.

No one was in there either, though. On the table was a cake. It was a bit lopsided. Because of that, the decoration on the cake was a bit wobbly, but it was obvious Yasu had been the one using the frosting. ‘Happy Birthday, Subaru!’ it read, and under the words were little piped figures, ones that resembled the emoji’s he sent often in his texts. He could tell a lot of effort was put out on the cake, and he couldn’t help but smile.

“I’m glad you like it!” Yasu’s sudden voice made him jump and almost fall back into the cake when he whipped around to see who it was.

“What the hell!” he shouted. “Coming out of nowhere like that! Are you trying to kill me on my own birthday?”

Yasu just smiled and laughed, something that didn’t comfort Subaru in the least. “So where’s the party?”

“This is it.” Yasu spread his arms out wide like he was presenting something grand. Stupidly, Subaru looked around, trying to see something that may or may not be there. Just as he’d seen a few minutes before, there was nothing.

“I don’t get it.”

Yasu left the room for a minute, then came back into the room with a box wrapped in bright, gaudy paper with a balloon tied to it on a short string. He stuck the box under his arm and took out a small cylinder, then pulled the string and a small explosion of confetti popped out and covered him in tiny slips of crepe paper and squares of sparkles. “Happy birthday!” Yasu exclaimed, smiling as brightly as he could.

“Thanks,” he said. “But I still don’t get what you’re doing.”

“Well, at first, I really was planning this whole big thing, and Maru was helping me. But of course, after you told me to quit it, I couldn’t really go through with it. I still wanted to do something for you though, so I thought I’d trick you a little. Maru still helped a bit though, he baked the cake.”

“Well that explains why it looks funny.”

Yasu laughed a bit, then handed over the present. “It’s nothing special or anything. Just some new, really good alcohol I found and thought you’d really like. I know you didn’t want anything over the top, so.”

Even if Yasu said it wasn’t anything special, Subaru still felt very thankful for what he’d done. Sure he thought he’d be just fine if he were to just go home and spend the night on his own, but Yasu always found a way to make him extremely grateful for his presence. “You really go through too much trouble to do things, you know? You could have just said what we'd be doing tonight instead of acting for the last two weeks.”

“Where’s the fun in that? Besides, it was funny to see you so anxious about it.”

“Wow, gee, thanks, it’s nice to know my agony is hilarious to you.”

Yasu laughed lightly again before pressing a small kiss on his cheek.

After feeling his face go red, he wiped the spot with his hand. “Are you drunk already or something?”

“Nope,” he said, stepping closer. “Just one more little present I thought you’d appreciate.”

He blushed even darker but tried to play it off coolly. “You really aren’t going over the top this year, are you? Hell, you’re hardly putting in any effort, are you?”

Yasu’s smile faultered for a moment before turning into a slight smirk. “I told you not to complain if your birthday ended up being a bummer, didn’t I? You really don’t know everything I was planning, do you?” he paused as if he was waiting for an answer, but just laughed instead at the scowl he was getting. He turned away toward the table and grabbed a plate for some of the lopsided cake. “You get what you get. Maybe next year you’ll let me do more.”  He looked over his shoulder and gave him a quick wink before cutting into the cake.

Subaru rolled his eyes. “If I let you live until next year,” he mumbled, just loud enough for Yasu to hear.

A/N: Ah, I set a date to get something done and I was so close to getting it done! If I didn't have to get up early I would have gotten it done on time but, hell, I never finish anything like this without a date so I'm satisfied! I just hope it turned out alrght since I finished this so quickly.
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