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Title: The Plan

Pairing: Subaru/Yasu

Rating: PG

Warnings: None

Summary: Yasu starts planning something for Subaru's birthday, but Subaru wants nothing to do with it.

Notes: Just a little fic for these two guys' birthday. It's a bit late, but I was so close to getting it done on time. Anyway, hope it's alright~.

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A/N: Ah, I set a date to get something done and I was so close to getting it done! If I didn't have to get up early I would have gotten it done on time but, hell, I never finish anything like this without a date so I'm satisfied! I just hope it turned out alrght since I finished this so quickly.
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Title-Maybe One Day
Pairing- Subaru/Yasu
Rating- PG
Genre- Angst, maybe?
Word Length- 4612
Disclaimer- Totally fictional :) Disregarded how schedules may really be.
Summary- Just when Subaru thought Shota was coming around, thinking they would be back together again, something bigger stand in their way.
Note- This was a challenge to myself to see if I can actually finish something by a deadline. Just barely made it!

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Title-I'm The Wind That's in Your Hair
Pairing- Ryo/Ohkura
Rating- PG
Genre- AU, Angst-ish
Word Length- 1787
Disclaimer- Totally fictional :)
Summary- Ryo has trouble dealing with the loss of the one he loves.
Note- Inspired by the line from the song Every Night by Imagine Dragons.

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A/N: Got the inspiration for this fic while driving to school yesterday, and I could actually see the whole story clearly. It was actually easy to write for once. Ryo/Ohkura is an old favorite pairing of mine, back from when I was discovering K8 after NewS. Ryo was my favorite in NewS, and I liked Ohkura simply because he was a drummer. The very first k8 fic I wrote (but never finished) was a Ryo/Ohkura one.

Anyhow! I hope you enjoyed reading this! Comments = <3
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Title-On My Own
Pairing- Ohmiya
Rating- G
Genre- AU, Songfic
Word Length- 1,148
Disclaimer- Totally fictional :)
Summary- At night, Ohno walks the street, waiting for the one he loves to appear.
Note- A short fic I finished in about an hour or two. It's the first Arashi fic I've posted. Comments = <3

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Jan. 7th, 2014 10:43 pm
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Pairing- Yasuba
Rating- PG
Genre- AU
Disclaimer- Totally fictional :)
Summary- One year can change a relationship drastically, as long as both people are on the same page.
Note- This fic took so long to write, but I finished it! There are two parts because it was too big to fit in one post . Comments are <3~

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Title-The Fun of Kissing Boys
Pairing- Ohkura/Yasu
Rating- pg-13 ish
Genre- AU
Disclaimer- Totally fictional :)
Summary- What started out as a little experiment turned into something more, something Ohkura couldn't handle.
Note- Wow, it's been well over a year since the last time I posted anything! And it's the first time I've finished writing anything in over a year! This was actually a side story for a different fic I was writing, but that one was never finished. >.> There is a second part because it was too long to fit into one post.

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